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ASANSOL LIFELINE FOUNDATION is considered to be a dedicated and effective treatment center in executing clinical as well as therapy based treatment facilitation in the field of drug addiction and alcoholism as well as treating mild psychological problems. Located at an ideal location in the town of Asansol, West Bengal it has been delivering its services for the past 03 consecutive years successfully because of the wealth of experience we have in this field, our dedicated and efficient staff members, doctors and our moral and conscience attachment to those suffering and trapped in the grip of drugs and alcohol.

Asansol Lifeline Foundation - Siraj Hazra

Mr. Siraz Hazra. MD & Co-Founder of the organization.

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Give your hands to serve and heart to love.

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Asansol (Main Center), Durgapur, Burdwan (Bardhaman), Suri, Dhanbad, Ranchi, Gaya, Jamshedpur, Bokaro

Our Services

Asansol Lifeline Foundation | Services | Outreach


As it has been observed that the fatality of drug addiction and alcoholism grips those sector of the society.

Asansol Lifeline Foundation | Services | Detoxification


The first stage of treatment procedure where patients are kept under clinical and medicinal support.

Asansol Lifeline Foundation | Services | Rehabilitation


It is a series of process for developing a new lifestyle structure in the patient through various therapeutic community based living.

Asansol Lifeline Foundation | Services | Follow-up

Follow - Up

Upon successful completion of the first two stages of the treatment procedure the patient is equipped with important guidelines related to recovery.

Asansol Lifeline Foundation | Services | Al - Anon

Al - Anon

A family self help group meeting where the families of the patient those under going treatment are equipped with methods and suggestions.

Asansol Lifeline Foundation | Services | Day Care & Counselling

Day Care & Counselling

A service provided for all patients who have undergone the treatment procedure in which they can come and spend their weekends at our base facility.

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What are the physical signs of abuse or addiction?

The physical signs of abuse or addiction can vary depending on the person and the drug being abused. For example someone who abuses marijuana may have a chronic cough or worsening of asthmatic symptoms. Each drug have short term or long term physical affects. Stimulants like cocaine increases heart rate and blood pressure whereas opioid like heroine may slow the heart rate and reduce respiration.